Sunday, 17 August 2014

New images

After a spring & summer of chasing butterflies around, I thought it about time that i uploaded my images onto the website. There are still some gaps that i may be able to fill next year when I will hopefully have a bit more time.
Brown Hairstreak at Alners Gorse in Dorset.
I have also been to Yeovilton airshow again this year where it seemed that everything I was interested in was either cancelled or broken down which was both frustrating & dissapointing.
BBMF Spitfires
I have also been on a AK wildlife cruise around the cornish coast, setting off from Falmouth. Despite covering over 70 miles, my hope of seeing & photographing Corys & great Shearwaters was dashed due to a complete lack of birds! Keith the captain  & Sophie (his helper for the day) on the boat were both knowledgeable, polite & enthusiastic & managed to get us on to both Harbour porpoise & Risso`s dolphin, Barrel Jellyfish (enormous & a bit scary), Grey seals, Peregrine, Artic Skua & terns, Manx Shearwater & Fulmar. They have managed Minke & Fin whale, Basking & Blue sharks, Common & bottle-nosed dolphin, Common seal, Sooty shearwater & storm petrel on recent trips & just goes to show that on the right day with a bit of luck on your side you will have a storming day. 
They operate all year round & I may be tempted to go back in the depths of winter with the promise of close ups of the 3 resident diver species!
More info & to book please visit AK wildlife cruises
Record shot of Risso`s dolphin
As you may have noticed, I infrequently update the blog page now. This is because i also have a flickr page which is where i tend to put my newest work. Please click on the link on the R/H side panel to visit. There are wildlife, aviation & Astro images there to look at. Flickr
Cheers for now........

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