Friday, 4 January 2013

New year Barnie

First of all can I wish all the readers of my blog a happy new year & lets hope 2013 is a bit drier than 2012.
Today was to be my first session of the new year, bad weather, crap light whatever, I was still going out! I decided the "newt ponds" on the road to Steart would be a good area to try due to the Barn Owl that has been seen regularly hunting over the rough banks there. Twitter had reported no sign in the morning apart from a brief spell at around 8AM over towards Stockland. Having parked up in a gateway & set up my 600mm lens on my window mount, I settled down for what could be a long wait.  As it happens the Owl appeared after about an hour or so. The light was appalling but it was great to see & the shots below are the best of the bunch.

Below are a few from my first session a week or so ago.

Barn owls can be seen hunting during the day at any time of year, but especially in the winter months. Settled periods after heavy rain or strong wind are usually quite good as they are unable to hunt in stormy weather & have a bit of catching up to do. This of course means that they should not be disturbed when hunting & anyone who fancies a go at photographing them should bear this in mind & put the birds welfare first & foremost. Give them space!
*Barn owls are schedule 1 birds & should not be disturbed (including photographing them) at or near the nest site during the breeding season without a licence from Natural England. 

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