Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Waxwings at last!

Waxwings have invaded the country. Some huge flocks have been seen stripping berries in Scotland & the far north. Birdguides birdmap has been "pebble dashed" with markers denoting where they have been spotted, everywhere it would seem but down here in Somerset. Over the last fortnight, small numbers have been spotted in Weston-super-mare, Avonmouth & Bristol. This week they have been turning up locally at Shapwick NNR (18), around Taunton & Westonzoyland. The latter is where I ended up this morning after a post on Twitter from Roger Musgrove (thanks mate!) where he had spotted 3 in a small suburban street. By the time I had got there the total was now 6. They were favouring a Rowan tree with its ample supply of pink berries.

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