Friday, 2 April 2010

Short-eared owl at Greylake

I make no apologies for having hundreds, maybe thousands of shots of the various british owls on my hard drives at home. For me they are simply majestic, gorgeous to observe & a little bit mysterious. I could watch them (& have done) for hours. A recent posting on the Somerset ornithological society message board, prompted me to travel the 10 mins down the road to Greylake RSPB reserve. The latest posting said that the shortie had been seen at approx 6pm the previous day, so i got into position early at around 4. I was joined by fellow photographer Tim Taylor a little later & we waited until approx 6:10 before Tim spotted it hunting along the bank of the ditch we were adjacent to. After moving to a better position, i fired off around 3 1/2 gig of shots over the next 3/4 hour. Below you will see some of my favourites.

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  1. Cracking shots Rob! A great way to spend an evening wasn't it?