Saturday, 12 December 2009

Sign of the winter to come?

Coastal sites usually turn up a few "special" winter migrants every year, Shore lark, Lapland bunting & of course Snow buntings. Unfortunately, Shore lark is not very likely in this part of the world, Lapland bunting not impossible & Snow bunting, more or less annual.
Stolford, near Hinkley point turned up a pair about 1 week ago, but there could have been as many as 8 of these visitors from the far north, strung out along the shingle between Stolford & Steart.
My visit yesterday afternoon in the weak wintery sunshine, yielded just the 1, a few hundred meters east of the car park.
A very confiding little bird that allowed a very close approach. It was not confiding enough however, to put up with the spaniel that was running riot across the marsh though & was flushed a number of times along with the resident Pied wags & Meadow pipits. The owner was quite pleased that the bird had gone (read flushed by her dog) so she did not have to walk behind our tripods!
With the entire marsh available, why did she feel the need to disturb the bird & excercise her dog where we were? I sometimes think common sense is a thing of the past! Rant over.......
Anyway, Myself & Tim Taylor managed to relocate the bird & get a few more shots before the light went altogether.

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  1. Very nice Rob - like the top one especially.

    One thing could have been worse about the spaniel, it could have knocked the tripods over...

    Cheers, Tim