Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Great whites, snakes & crakes...

Quite a good day today......
First a trip back to Chard reservoir where the Great white Egret was showing well, sometimes down to 12m & far to close for the 600mm. The local Heron kept flushing it from its fishing spot & allowing some flight photos as well.
Whilst there, a fellow birder & photographer mentioned that the Spotted Crake was showing at Greylake RSPB reserve (thanks James). After showing me some of his shots, i had to go & have a look, especially as it would be a lifer for me. On arrival I walked out along the boardwalk towards the pool. A couple of birders were there & the Crake was only meters away on the edge of the pool, interacting with a Grass snake. I saw the bird several more times during the hour or so i spent at the pool & witnessed it chasing away the snakes a couple more times. At one point a Water Rail also joined in the harrying.
Below are some of the shots taken Today.
Above: Chard reservoir Great-white Egret.Above: Water railAbove: Spotted Crake. The Grass snakes body can be seen in the first & second photo as it slithered away.Above: One of the Grass snakes that was hunting along the pool.

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